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Simple and discreet does not always equal easy or fast. The light and understated Ajour design requires a very special care from our goldsmiths, so that the viewer's eye can focus on the most important thing and the wearer can be up to date without superfluous details and fillings. The settings are handmade in 18 carat gold and consist of elegantly designed double handles with a thin frame that almost makes the stones float.

The name Ajour derives from the French expression, which has also given its name to a classic sawing technique, whereby the goldsmith removes redundant material from under the stone and thus gives light to the piece of jewellery.

This old technique inspired the workshop to create the Ajour design, which with thin grips and a slim frame under the roundness of the stone, gives the piece a light and elegant appearance with optimal light properties. This type of thin setting, which can only be made by hand from start to finish, thus puts the gemstone itself in focus.