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The house BOLOU is the story of Bolette Louise Sig Mathiasen and a group of very passionate jewelery specialists and jewelery enthusiasts who have experience, quality and craftsmanship in their DNA and live and dream jewelery evry day. The entire BOLOU team is keen to convey this joy to our customers with unique pieces of craftsmanship that can tell a story for many generations to come.

In 2017, we expanded our boutique to the brand that is BOLOU Fine Jewellery, with the help of the renowned master goldsmith and designer Jochen W. Neustädter, who at the same time joined as head of workshop and designer at BOLOU. Bolette has since, in collaboration with the entire team, further developed our identity, where jewelery made from natural materials, unique gemstones and craftsmanship of the highest quality are at the centre of everything we do. Since the expansion and reopening of the store and workshop in 2017, our team has tripled in size and in 2020 a new online universe was created where it is possible to explore the jewelry from both our own collections as well as FOPE.

Today, BOLOU Fne Jewellery only sells jewelery of its own design, as well as being the only Scandinavian retailer of the Italian exclusive jewelery brand FOPE.

At BOLOU, we have many years of experience in selling the best quality jewellery, designing unique jewelery according to our customers' wishes and needs, as well as combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques and designs