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Made in Italy


Patented design of flexible 100% 18 carat gold jewelry in high quality

The Italian family company has designed the perfect everyday jewelery for more than 90 years.

With their innovative Flex'It series, the flexible gold jewelery in 18 carat gold is easy to put on and take off – no locks, no restrictions.

Ethics & sustainability

FOPE's products and internal processes have always been inspired by the highest ethics. The idea of ​​entrepreneurial responsibility represents a fundamental value shared by all generations of the founding family who have led the company over decades.

Today, more than ever, being an international brand requires the greatest commitment to sustainable practices and ethical choices, efficiency and respect. FOPE strives to constantly improve their internal procedures and aims to create well-made, beautiful jewelry that can last for generations.

FOPE has implemented a code of ethics, which includes the company's key values ​​and states its behavior towards employees, shareholders and stakeholders, while encouraging them to also undertake positive change. Compliance with the legislation is just the starting point for a constant effort to promote a culture of respect for people and the environment and all kinds or resources.

FOPE takes great account of the impact generated by all its activities and, to underpin its promise to pursue its sustainable goals, the company became a member of the R esponsible J ewellery C ouncil in 2013 and became a certified member in 2014.

The RJC certification further guarantees the quality of the FOPE jewelry and the ethics of the entire process - from the procurement of gold and diamonds to the well-being of the workforce, from production to logistics, from the environmental impact to traceability.