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Gioia Collection

⁠This is what Gioia's characteristic flower shape makes our founder and designer, Bolette, feel, and it was these three feelings that guided the design team's pen over paper when designing the new Gioia collection. The new collection is designed to symbolize joy, community and harmony. The inspiration comes from the Italian word "Gioia", which means happiness or joy. ⁠
In the center is the Gioia element in various sizes, decorated with one or more diamonds, presented in the prêt-a-porter Gioia Classic collection consisting of more classic earrings, pendants and bangles. In the Gioia One-Of-A-Kind collection, the element also plays an important role in the unique, handmade jewellery. ⁠

We are so proud to launch our new Gioia collection with jewelery in yellow, rose and white gold as well as platinum with various diamond constellations.