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At BOLOU we have a large selection of diamond earrings, as well as earrings with pearls and precious stones from our own brands, Bolou and Boloucino, as well as from Italian FOPE. We produce all our collections at our workshop in North Zealand. In our workshop, it is never far from the idea to the finished piece of jewellery. The workshop is an extension of our shop, and here it is also possible to be inspired and see some of the handmade, unique earrings we have.


In our exclusive workshop, our talented designers, goldsmiths and gemologists combine their expertise to create unique earrings under the Bolou brand. We always strive to fulfill our customers' wishes for first-class quality and timeless design. Whether you are looking for diamond earrings, hoop earrings or gemstone earrings, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. If you can't find your dream earrings in our existing range, we are more than willing to custom design them especially for you. Our highest desire is to ensure that our customers get exactly the earrings of their dreams, and we are always happy to help.


Our creoles are perfect for you who love the timeless and classic style. These round, curved earrings come in a variety of sizes and materials, from elegant silver to shiny gold. They are ideal for any occasion and add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

If you are looking for earrings that are versatile, our studs are an obvious choice. From small and discreet studs to bold and eye-catching designs, our collection is full of different shapes, colors and patterns. Whether you prefer a minimalist style or want to add an element of color to your look, our stud earrings are sure to meet your needs.

Our ear cuff is the perfect choice if you want to experiment with your earring style. These pieces of jewelry do not require piercing the ears and can easily slide along the edge of the ear to create a cool and edgy look. From simple and elegant to more daring and decorative designs – there is something for every taste in our selection of ear cuffs.

If you want extravagant earrings, Chandelier earrings are the right choice. Chandelier earrings are inspired by the chandelier, which helps to create the extraordinary feeling. They are known for their drop-shaped and hanging design, reminiscent of the appearance of a classic chandelier. If this sounds like something for you, you can for example explore ourChandelier earrings from our Gioia collection.


Material selection and good craftsmanship are paramount to us. We never compromise on quality. That is why you will also only find gold earrings and platinum earrings of the highest craftsmanship quality. As a starting point, we always use 18 carat gold for our own collections, but if a different tone is desired, we are also open to using it in some specially made earrings.


Most of our earrings are made with precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires , rubies and tourmalines. When we buy diamonds from our suppliers, we always choose the absolute best and ensure that the price is reasonable and competitive, just as all diamonds from a certain carat weight are accompanied by an international GIA certificate as extra security for the customer. The quality of the diamond reflects the quality of the jewelery and not least the personality of the wearer, and we therefore believe that it is an important part of the process of creating a specially designed piece of jewellery.

In addition to our high quality requirements for the gemstones we use, we always go for those that inspire us the most. For some designs, a classic, beautiful brilliant-cut diamond is the obvious choice, while other times it only becomes a really interesting piece of jewelery when some of nature's many other beauties are allowed to play the main role in the design. The unique characteristics of the precious stones, together with our design language and details in the craftsmanship, is what gives a piece of jewelery from BOLOU a completely distinctive characteristic.