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Worth knowing about gold and karat

If you've ever looked at gold jewellery, you've probably come across the term 'karat'. But what does carat actually mean when we talk about gold, and why is it important for you to know? We will try to answer these questions below, so that you can learn more about the meaning of carats for gold.

What is gold?

Gold is a precious metal that has been admired for its beauty and value for centuries. It is known for its unique golden color and has been used for jewelry, artwork and currency in many cultures. Gold is a very durable and resistant metal that does not corrode or lose its luster over time. If you are curious about diamonds or colored gemstones , you can also learn more about these fascinating gems.

What does carat mean in gold?

Karat is a unit of measurement used to indicate the purity of gold. It indicates the percentage of pure gold in an alloy. Pure gold is 24 karat, but it is very soft in its natural form. Therefore, it is often mixed with other metals such as copper, silver or palladium to create alloys with different properties such as durability, color and workability. For example, if you look at gold rings in Denmark and Europe, there will always be a number between 333 and 999. The number indicates the karat of the gold — that is, how much of the metal is pure gold. This requirement is regulated by the EU Commission .

333, 585 and 750 stamps in gold jewellery

The typical karat stamp for high and distinguished quality for gold is 750, which corresponds to 18 carats. That is why all the rings we offer at BOLOU are also in 18 carat gold. Other typical stamps for gold in Denmark are 585 gold which is 14 carat gold and 333 which is 8 carat gold. The numbers indicate how much the precious metal makes up of the total metal. A gold ring with a 750 stamp will therefore be 75% gold.

The same rule and system applies to platinum and other precious metals. In addition to karat, you should also look for a manufacturer's stamp when buying gold. The stamp from the manufacturer is also called a seal of responsibility and guarantees the quality of the jewellery. If you are looking for a new ring but are unsure about your ring size, you can get our methods on how to find your ring size .

What does the carat stamp mean to you?

When it comes to buying jewelry, the carat stamp is of crucial importance. It gives you as a consumer a clear indication of the jewelry's purity and quality. The karat stamp is a form of certification that helps you understand what you are paying for and ensures that you are getting a genuine and reliable product.

All recognized jewelery dealers, jewelers and manufacturers are obliged to stamp their jewelery with the carat marking. This is an important guarantee for you as a buyer, as it indicates the percentage content of pure gold in the piece of jewellery. For example, an 18 karat gold piece of jewelry will have a karat stamp indicating that it contains 75% pure gold, with the remaining 25% being alloy metals.

The karat stamp is not only a marker of the purity of the gold, but it also allows for comparison and evaluation of different pieces of jewelry. This makes it easier to make informed choices and ensure you get the product that fits your preferences and budget.

When you see the carat stamp on a piece of jewelry, you can be sure that it has been tested and checked by experts to meet the exact requirements and standards of the stated carat value. This gives you security and confidence in your purchase.

How is karat calculated for gold?

Karat is used to calculate which stamp a piece of jewelery should have. And when you have to find out which stamp a piece of jewelery should have, 24 carats is always the starting point by which the carat must be divided. This is because 24 karat is considered pure gold.

For example, if you want to calculate which stamp a ring in 14 carat gold should have, the calculation will look like this: (14/24) X 1000= 585 gold.

In this case, the proportion of pure gold in the ring will therefore be 58.5%.